. . . the Cinderella Slipper™ girls

ari-bam“A unique label finding it’s inspiration from the simple words of a young cheerleader at an inner city summer camp for at-risk teen girls. A label of fresh breaths – long on hope, tears and visions. Hit Records Worldwide is the newest guardian of the dream called, music. Hit Records is home to the Cinderella Slipper™ project. It’s about more than just the music.”  — CEO, Hit Records Worldwide

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. . . a very special Saturday

FullSizeRenderHRW’s artist, Shayla (of Cargo Planes) and it’s CEO attended an event about how to live a successful life for a group of at-risk teen girls presented by a unique non-profit organization helping kids for 14 years, Daughters of Destiny. In attendance were many young ladies that live at a group home foster care facility and the young ladies enrolled in the Daughter’s programs.


Shayla gave an emotional ad-lib talk about never giving up hope to the young teen girls after learning were they were from. For you see Shayla herself had lived in the same home as they now do for three years and recounted some raw feeling as if they were only yesterday – bringing the CEO close to tears.


Next week Hit Records Worldwide will speak with the group home concerning a very talented young lady that stays with them. Hopefully, all goes well.


During the event one of the young ladies (not affiliated with foster care) keep coming up to the table were the CEO was sitting – must have been half a dozen times at least. She wanted to say something to him but didn’t quite know how to go about it. It was cute.


The CEO finally asked her to sing. She sang a song she had written and she is now the newest member of HRW’s “Artist Development” program. Her name is Najma. She is a senior at Blake Performing Arts High School in the music theater program.


< < < That’s her standing to the left


(please note; we are unable to release any images of the young ladies residing in the group home per Florida Statutes)


Prosper of GPM . . . put your hands up

 GPM plays Ontario, Canada

“Rock the Capital” festival last weekend


. . . HRW releases GPM’s newest single ‘Rescue Me’

[NEWS] September 21, 2014

. . . Yes, we’re jumping up and down over here.kidsjumpingbest

. . . Yes, this is the first song we have released in the entire history of the world on planet earth for Hit Records Worldwide.

. . . Yes, ‘Rescue Me’ was on the radio the very first day, and

. . . Yes, it’s in rotation!!!

listen now . . . 

 Link to free download Of Rescue Mehttp://www.gpmenterprise.com/?id=14

[NEWS] . . . HRW __ ‘On-line Artist Development’ program


. . . Lonna and Lynise (13 & 15 years olds from Cincinnati) __ 1st time in our Tampa studios    

 (young ladies everywhere may apply)   CLICK HERE

cover; tlc ‘no scrubs’  photo

. . . pauline, about much more than her music

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Pauline volunteers two weeks each summer at a camp for kids in the Netherlands – no phones, no computers, no social media, no electricity – sleeping in tents and swimming in the river. We are working with Pauline building an Indie band in based out of Europe.


[NEWS] . . . Leaping from the flames

Unknown[News] Hit Records Worldwide converts Practice Studio into makeshift home for Ari and her family.IMG_1307

Ari and her family survive a fire in their apartment in the middle of the night instantly finding themselves homeless. Ari’s little brother ran out with no shoes – Ari escaping with only her iPad . . . . . more

tinypurpleheartsAri did smile and say her longboard and guitars were undamaged.

. . . a firm commitment




“We are committed to helping those of our artists that need our help, we will slow down and stand with them in their fight; not so much about their music, but their unending fights in life.” __ CEO of HRW

[NEWS] . . . Ari and Shayla long boarding w/ the guys!

IMG_0613the perfect day – the historic “Bro Bowl” in downtown Tampa with the girls boarding and mixin’ it up with two local skateboard crews.IMG_0340

Shayla and Ari are usually the only girls the Bowl ever gets to see actually riding boards.

The “Bro Bowl” is a guy thing that the girls love crashing. And the guys – well, they do their guy thing. The girls left the boarder boys blowing kisses.


. . . Cinderella Slipper™ Project

screen-shot-2013-03-10-at-11-39-50-am-1Inner-city Youth Living Their DREAMS!


Hit Records Worldwide started as a Summer Camp  initially designed to help break the teen pregnancy cycle by giving young ladies growing up in the inner-city  higher self-esteem and empowerment; and most of all – a fighting chance at living their dreams. The first camp was  held for youth cheerleaders that were part of an inner-city football team in Tampa, Florida.When the young ladies at the camp were asked what their dreams were over 70% responded “to become a famous singer.”

follow the brave and sometimes heart-wrenching adventures of the

Cinderella Slipper™Girls  

. . . the more we think about it; it’s not as if we actually just throw our hands up in the air one day and announce to the world, “I give up on this stupid dream.” 

Ashley Tampa

No, its not really like that at all.

It is more that we allow our dreams to slowly be ground away; almost unnoticed, a day at a time, a hope at a time.

We at Hit Records Worldwide will protect that dream of yours, nurture it, and more importantly, provide the brute courage for you to jump up in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.