‘Hands Up’ __ GPM’s Newest Release

[ANNOUNCING] Hit Records Worldwide’s unique foray into the EDM genre kicked off by GPM’s newest single ‘Hands Up’

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GPM-Hands Up Flyer


NEXT . . . Witness the dawn of a new inspirational sub-genre in EDM as HRW lights it up with the building of a new EDM band providing the genesis of a “Bucks for Books” nationwide college block party supporting financial-aid in late 2015.

HRW’s Building of a New EDM Band . . .

. . . the Cinderella Slipper™ girls

cool-gif-skate-skater-Favim.com-293189“A unique label finding it’s inspiration from the simple words of a young cheerleader at an inner city summer camp for at-risk teen girls. A label of fresh breaths – long on hope, tears and visions. Hit Records Worldwide is the newest guardian of the dream called, music. Hit Records is home to the Cinderella Slipper™ Project. It’s about more than just the music.”  — CEO

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