. . . the Cinderella Slipper™ girls

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cool-gif-skate-skater-Favim.com-293189“A unique label finding it’s inspiration from the simple words of a young cheerleader at an inner city summer camp for at-risk teen girls. A label of fresh breaths – long on hope, tears and visions. Hit Records Worldwide is the newest guardian of the dream called, music. Hit Records is home to the Cinderella Slipper™ project. It’s about more than just the music.”  — CEO

. . . Cinderella Slipper™ Project

screen-shot-2013-03-10-at-11-39-50-am-1Inner-city Youth Living Their DREAMS!


Hit Records Worldwide started as a Summer Camp  initially designed to help break the teen pregnancy cycle by giving young ladies growing up in the inner-city  higher self-esteem and empowerment; and most of all – a fighting chance at living their dreams. The first camp was  held for youth cheerleaders that were part of an inner-city football team in Tampa, Florida.When the young ladies at the camp were asked what their dreams were over 70% responded “to become a famous singer.”

follow the brave and sometimes heart-wrenching adventures of the

Cinderella Slipper™Girls  

. . . the more we think about it; it’s not as if we actually just throw our hands up in the air one day and announce to the world, “I give up on this stupid dream.” 

Ashley Tampa

No, its not really like that at all.

It is more that we allow our dreams to slowly be ground away; almost unnoticed, a day at a time, a hope at a time.

We at Hit Records Worldwide will protect that dream of yours, nurture it, and more importantly, provide the brute courage for you to jump up in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.